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This questionnaire will help to answer any questions you might have, and will let me know what information you will need before you purchase a hedgehog.

Please fill out all questions completely and honestly.

I will be happy to answer questions by e-mail.


You can either use this link to our questionnaire on Google forms or copy and paste the questions below into an email.

Please give me your contact information:



City State Zip




1.   Why do you want a hedgehog? Do you have any preference as to color or sex?

2.   Do you currently own a hedgehog? If yes, age and sex.

3.   Have you owned a hedgehog in the past? If yes, cause of death

4.   Who is going to be the primary caretaker of this hedgehog? If a child, please list age.

5.   What will you do for veterinary care? List doctor and phone number

6.   Are you willing to care for the hedgehog throughout its entire life, regardless of illness, injury or other problems?

7.   What other pets are on the premises, owned by you or others?

8.   Will you allow your pets to interact with each other?

9.   Do you ever plan on breeding your hedgehog?

10.                     What will your hedgehog live in? Give a full description including dimensions.

11.                     What type of bedding or cage liner will you use?

12.                     Hedgehogs need room temperature to be 70 or more in the winter. How will you keep the area warm enough in winter?

13.                     Will you provide a wheel for exercise? What brand?

14.                     What other exercise will you give your hedgehog?

15.                     What will you feed your hedgehog? Please list specific brands

16.                     Will you be willing to trim nails and bathe as needed?

17.                     How often will the cage be cleaned?

18.                     Will your hedgehog be allowed to roam the house?

19.                     Where did you hear about us?

20.                     Do you have any questions? Please add more sheets if necessary.



Send completed questionnaire to Connecticut Hedgehogs. Thanks!




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