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Hedgehog Breeders

These breeders offer websites with additional educational information and have offered us help and guidance

Connecticut Hedgehogs Connecticut

Hamor Hollow Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Hedgehog Valley Kansas

Pogstar Hedgehogs Kansas

Terrapin Hedgehogs Maryland


Hedgehog Forum

Check out the FAQ and articles under hedgehog info if you need to find out about hedgehogs

Hedgehog World a community for African pygmy hedgehog owners and breeders


Hedgehog Products

Connecticut Hedgehog gallery at Zazzle cute hedgehog stuff

Connecticut Hedgehogs on etsy laser cut hedgehog gifts

The Hedgehog Primer A good resource for hedgehog care


Other breeder listings - a site listing breeders of hedgehogs from all over


Information on salmonella in small pets

Center for disease control-handwashing and small pets a poster you can print from the CDC regarding hand washing and small pets







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