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Why should I use a food mix for my hedgehog? 

As of this writing, most hedgehog foods are not a complete nutritional diet for hedgehogs and there are some which are so nutritionally inadequate that they may cause malnutrition or other serious problems. Some of the better quality hedgehog foods are fine as part of a mix of foods.

Most hedgehog breeders use a mixture of at least 5 or 6 high protein-low fat cat foods in their food mix. The reason for using a mix is that no one food will provide the total nutrition for a base diet and by feeding a mix you are providing many more of the different nutrients required than by feeding a single brand of food.

Pet food brands change their ingredients quite often, and a lot of times, the package may look the same, but the food inside is different. The most important thing you can do with regard to your hedgehog’s food is educate yourself on the ingredients listed in pet foods and read the labels when you purchase food for your hedgehog. If you have questions about food for your hedgehog, we will be glad to share our opinions and offer suggestions based on our experience.


Our food mix

We do offer our food mix for sale. It is the same mix that we have been feeding to our adults and youngsters for a number of years. Our hedgehogs like it and do well on it.

Our food mix is formulated to contain foods that the hedgehogs will eat readily, with a variety of ingredients and at least a few brands that are easy to find at your local stores in case you ever run out. It is a base diet for your hedgehog.

When you buy a hedgehog from us, you will be given a starter supply of food and a list of what is currently in our food mix. We recommend that you either continue to feed our mix, or create your own mix based on our suggested foods.

Our food mix is priced to be affordable. It would cost you much more to purchase all of the foods separately. 


Our food mix pricing:

$ 6.00 for a quart size, approx. 1.5 lb. bag

$12.00 for a gallon size, approx. 3 lb. Bag

Price does not include shipping or sales tax if applicable


If you are interested in our food mix, contact Ann at Connecticut Hedgehogs


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