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Hedgehogs Available


Baby hedgehogs ready for deposit and upcoming litters


If you are interested in a baby hedgehog from us, we suggest that you fill out our questionnaire and contact us now as our hedgehogs find new homes quickly.


The hedgehogs are offered first to those who have filled out our questionnaire and may not be available to the general public at this time.We prefer it if you pick your hedgehog out in person, especially if you havenít seen or held a hedgehog before.


We will go over your questionnaire with you when you come to pick out your hedgehog at around 4 weeks of age.If you canít come out in person to pick out your hedgehog, let me know and we can send pictures if they are not already on the site.Hedgehogs are generally ready to go home between 8-10 weeks of age, so this gives you time to pick out supplies for your hedgehog.All of our hedgehogs come with a quart sized bag of our food mix.We will provide you with supply and vet lists for your new hedgehog as well.


We often have wait times for both appointments and hedgehogs.Thanks for your patience!




We are USDA licensed and we offer both personalized service and years of experience in hedgehog care and breeding.
Hedgehog baby sisters



Check our photo gallery for pictures of our past litters of baby hedgehogs



Hedgehog babies available for deposit



We evaluate each of our hedgehog babies for their readiness to leave to go home to ensure a successful transition to your home so all dates are approximate.While we do price our hedgehogs by color, we do encourage you to come out and pick your hedgehog based on its own special personality.


Right now we do have wait times for both hedgehogs and appointments.

Thanks for your patience!



Our younger litters will be shown here when they are old enough to go under deposit.If you are interested, please fill out the questionnaire and email it to us.


Older hedgehogs available for adoption


We occasionally have older hedgehogs available for adoption.These are hedgehogs whose owners could no longer keep them.Their age and medical history may be unknown and they may not be social.They generally go to prior owners with hedgehog experience.Contact me if interested


Used equipment

 We sometimes have cages, wheels and other used equipment that comes to us with rescued/re-homed hedgehogs. If this is something you may be interested in, we can send you the details


If you are interested in any of our hedgehogs, please read our policies and fill out our questionnaire.Then we will schedule an appointment with you.


If you have any other questions, please let us know††††

Contact Connecticut Hedgehogs


Please note:

Colors can change somewhat as the hedgehogs go through quilling.Your hedgehogís adult color may vary from what it is now.


The hedgehogs are sometimes marked with non toxic craft marking paint which disappears over time or with a bath


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