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What you will need for your hedgehog

These are the items you will need for your new hedgehog. We do not stock cage set ups as we feel that there is no one "right" cage set up for everyone. There is an advantage in learning about the different products available so that you can make an informed choice. Besides, shopping for your new pet is a lot of fun!

If in doubt, ask before you buy! If you have questions concerning the advantages and disadvantages of using certain products, we will be happy to share our opinion with you.


Our suggested hedgehog supply list

  • Carrier-a secure hard sided cat or small animal carrier
  • Food-we will give you a starter supply of food and a list of what is currently in our mix. Extra food also available for purchase
  • Bedding or cage liners-pine, Carefresh®, or aspen bedding
  • Cage or bin-we use Marchioro® cages. Sterilite® bins are an inexpensive alternative
  • Igloo or hedge bag-washable hiding spot for your hedgehog
  • Exercise wheel-solid 11 or 12" wheel-Comfort wheel or bucket wheel
  • Water bottle or weighted water bowl
  • Weighted food bowl
  • Heat pad- we use a human heat pad or a hermit crab heat pad. Discs that can be heated in the microwave are a good choice for travel.
  • Toys-assorted cat toys and toilet paper tubes work well.
  • Nail clippers either human baby nail clippers, small scissors, or pet nail clippers

Other things you may want or need

Food scale - for weighing your hedgehog

Exercise pen for playtime in a controlled area

Exercise ball- another playtime option

Aveeno® or similar oatmeal bath-treatment for dry skin or quilling

Bag Balm®-ointment for dry ears and other skin irritations




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