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10 things you should know about African pygmy hedgehogs

  1. Most hedgehog foods are not a suitable diet for hedgehogs
  2. Yes, itís true. Most hedgehog foods are not nutritionally adequate for hedgehogs and may actually harm your hedgehog. A high protein low-fat light adult cat food is usually a better choice.

  3. Hedgehogs do not need another hedgehog for companionship.

Most hedgehogs are perfectly happy as an "only " hedgehog. They are solitary creatures in the wild and do not need another hedgehog friend.

3. Thereís no "right" way to take care of a hedgehog.

You may get confused when reading about hedgehog care. Some owners say only use bedding. Some say use cage liners. Some prefer water bottles and some use dishes. Everyone has his or her own favorite food. There is no one right answer to some of these questions. You must always keep basic safety and health issues in mind, of course, but on some of these questions there is more than one right answer and it is up to you and your hedgehog to determine what is right for you.


4. Hedgehogs are nocturnal.

Most hedgehogs are active at night. Some will come out during the day or at least not mind if you take them out during the day, others will wait until there is total darkness and silence to become active.

  1. Some hedgehogs like cuddling, some are runners and some are explorers.
  2. Like other animals and people, hedgehogs have their own personality traits. Some like to cuddle but others would rather run or explore and do not like to cuddle.

  3. Ivermectin shots are not a good treatment for mites.

Some vets will use ivermectin shots for treating mites. There have been a few reported deaths from the use of these shots. It is a rare occurrence, but not worth taking the risk. Revolution used as a spot on treatment is the recommended treatment if your hedgehog has mites.

7. Hedgehogs are illegal in some areas

Some states and counties do not allow hedgehogs. Others require special permits. Please check the local laws where you live. If you plan to travel with your hedgehog, you must be aware of the laws in those areas as well.

8. In some areas, it may be hard to find a veterinarian to treat your hedgehog.

The best time to find a vet is before any health issues arise with your hedgehog. It will be less stressful for you and your pet and should not be put off until there is an emergency situation.

  1. Hedgehogs will try to hibernate if they get too cold
  2. Hedgehogs need a warm environment. Some are more sensitive to cold than others. It is important to keep them warm enough so that they do not try to hibernate as it is not good for them.

  3. Hedgehogs are fun!

We love our hedgehogs and find that they are great little pets! Lots of happy hedgehog owners agree!


Disclaimer: This is just a quick article to let you know some things you may not be aware of. If you would like more in depth information on any of these topics, please contact me.



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